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Eleven years ago we opened Ian Esslemont Funeral Directors Ltd. Our dynamic and family focused vision has enabled us to grow and to become the “Go to” funeral director. 

technology to emphasise our humanity

With the latest technology that is available and the right external professionals we have taken the “formal” funeral and managed to make it as intimate and personal as possible.

Through out handheld gadgets we capture so many memories that will often never be experienced by those we love.

So, at Ian Esslemont Funeral Directors Ltd we can take those memories and have them experienced with our multimedia facility or have that experience brought to a venue that is personal to you. Making technology to emphasize our humanity.  

& partners

By choosing a SAIF member, bereaved families can be assured of a compassionate, professional approach, under pinned by our industry leading Code of Practice.

Our Funeral Plans are provided by Golden Charter , the UK’s biggest independent funeral plan provider. Through them we offer plan flexibility the ‘Independent Way’.

We are proud to have been nominated for Regional Funeral Planner of the Year 2018 and 2019. 


With the next generation in mind we have started to take steps now, to help do our bit for the future. Wherever possible we encourage a simplistic approach to funerals not only to reduce the financial burden on families but to help safeguard our environment. This includes using products from sustainable, ecological sources, as well as switching to greener technologies.

In September 2019 we introduced the newest addition to our fleet, keeping in line with our commitment to a greener future, we are proud to present THE FIRST Norwood HYBRID hearse in Scotland – BLACK IS THE NEW GREEN! 


In conjunction with running a family business in “The Family Town”, we are always ready to support local charities and groups, this ranges from heavy involvement with the Rotary Club, of which Ian is a proud member, to running independent fundraisers to support national charities such as “Poppy Scotland”  this has run for several years and has become somewhat of an event, with raffle donations being offered well before a date is announced and generating over £1500 annually.  

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